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Accounting services, specializing in Public Housing Authorities, conducted and overseen by CPAs

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Our Story

Lloyd & Associates C.P.A. was founded in December of 1999 with the vision of offering PHAs in the southeast something new- accounting services conducted and overseen by a CPA. Many CPA firms offer little feedback and operate more as a processing facility. We take a more one-on-one approach with our clients to give them a clear picture of their performance. 

Lloyd & Associates, C.P.A. was one of the first C.P.A. firms dedicated to working with clients to meet the accounting standards required by GAAP, GASB, and HUD compliance. Since its founding, our firm’s focus has grown and diversified to include clients in other industries as well. Diversification has included such fields as healthcare, non-profit, retail, insurance, and churches.

Values and Organizational Philosophy

Lloyd & Associates, C.P.A. was established with the primary goal of client success. To accomplish this goal, our organizational philosophy has been to guarantee consistency, comply with all governing regulations such as HUD, GAAP, and GASB, and remain committed to superior quality and service.

The professional relationship between a client and Lloyd & Associates, C.P.A. extends beyond a technical opinion or financial statement. We strive to serve our clients in a way that helps them prepare for the future while successfully navigating the present. We are uniquely able, both in terms of firm experience and market position, to offer a wide range of services and expertise. We tailor services to meet the needs of each client with one goal in mind: Client Success.

In order to meet client expectations and ensure client success, Lloyd & Associates, C.P.A. employs qualified and dedicated professionals. Staff members are offered an opportunity for a successful career that supports a family lifestyle. The result has been a high level of staff satisfaction, a low turnover rate, and the continued ability to recruit the best accounting professionals.

Who We Are

Our Team of Experts

Michael L. Lloyd, CPA


Michael was formerly the Chief Financial Officer of the Jefferson County Housing Authority (JCHA). He served in this capacity for seven (7) years, with primary responsibilities of overseeing accounting operations, development of the non-profit and Section 8 administration.

K. Deanna Burgess

Senior Accountant

Prior to joining Lloyd & Associates, CPA, Ms. Burgess worked in accounting at a large CPA firm in Birmingham, performing monthly financial statements and analytical for over 20 years.

Steven H. Emerson, CPA, CGFM, CGAP, CFE, CITP, CGMA

Senior Accountant

Steven has more than 11 years of public accounting experience and has performed over 250 audit engagements and over 100 Single Audit engagements. Steven’s specialization includes Government Accounting and Audits; Nonprofit Audits; For Profit Audits; SEC Audits and Income Tax Compliance.